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At Estetica, You KNOW you are getting a Professional, Custom Airbrush:

Considered the Upstate's BEST airbrush technician, Brandi has over 8 years experience in the art of airbrush tanning and constantly strives to give her clients the most professional, personal experience each and every visit. Your airbrush tan is customized to fit your individual skin tone.
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Facts about Airbrushing:
  • Airbrush tanning is a surface tan.
  • The ingredient DHA (dihydroxyacetone) reacts to amino acids and protein levels in the skin.  It is derived from food grade glycerin (by-product of a sugar that is then crystallized) thus “adapting” to your unique skin tone.
  • Your skin will only absorb as much DHA as the amino acids allow, which prevents overspray.
  • It takes approximately 8-10 hours to “cure” or for your skin to fully react to the DHA. You will see color immediately, but it continues to darken over time.
  • The color of the solution when being applied is used as a color guide.  It is not the color of your tan.  The spray is colored so that the airbrush technician can see where the solution has been applied to your skin.
  • You will need to wait 8-12 hours  before showering after you tan.  Your skin needs time to absorb the maximum amount of DHA for best results.
  • You should exfoliate every 7-10 days.  Your skin is continually shedding off dead skin cells.  By exfoliating, you are helping the process and keeping our skin in good condition.
  • You should moisturize daily after every shower/bath, preferably with a tan extender, which can add 3-4 days to the life of your tan.
  • DHA has been FDA approved for over 30 years.
  • How long will my airbrush tan last? 

Usually 5-7 days typically, depending on your skin type.  Dry skin and rubbing on the skin will shorten the life of the tan.  As you lose the skin layer, you will lose your tan.  This comes from showers and tight clothing.  The more abrasive you are to your skin, the sooner you will lose your tan.  Using the tan extending lotion will extend the tan by 3-4 days.
  • What is the difference between airbrush tanning and using cream or lotion sunless tanners? 

There are two very important differences between airbrush tanning and tinted lotions. The solution used at Estetica is all natural and adapts to your skin tone, leaving out that orange tint everyone dreads. The second difference is the application process. The fine mist that comes from the airbrush compressor, applied by our professional airbrush technician, goes on flawlessly without streaking or running.  Even with the greatest of care, and help from a friend to get all of the places you can’t reach, you cannot duplicate the evenness and natural look of an airbrush tan.
  • Can I airbrush tan and use a regular tanning bed? 

Yes, using both will complement each other.  Your tan will get darker, however, using the tanning bed is not necessary.
  • Can you come to my home and airbrush? 

Yes, mobile services (within a 10 mile radius) are available for an additional $5.00 per person.
  • Can I tan in the nude? 

No.  You may tan topless if you wish, however, we do require bottoms of some type.  We are very professional and we provide the most discreet, comfortable environment possible.
  • What is airbrush tanning?

It is a personalized sunless tanning process.  The tanning solution is applied in a fine mist by your professionally trained tanning technician using a unique airbrush system.  The personal attention of your technician insures uniform coverage over your entire body, which will transform into a natural looking golden tan.
  • How long does it take to tan?

About 30-35 minutes.  The application takes about 15-20 minutes with a drying time of 10-15 minutes.
Before you tan:
1. Shave and exfoliate at least 8 hours before your appointment.  When exfoliating, use a loofah  or buff-puff to all areas to be tanned. Pay close attention to the knees, feet, ankles, toes, hands,  elbows, and knuckles making sure you remove all dead skin cells.
 -  The purpose of exfoliating prior to a sunless session is to remove the loose dead skin cells that naturally shed from the body. If solution is applied on these loose cells, the sunless tan will shed off pre-maturely in those areas, leaving a patchy result.
2. Do not use any moisturizers after your shower prior to tanning.
3. Wear or bring loose-fitting clothing and preferably sandals or flip-flops.  You may tan in the garment of your choice- Bathing suits, shorts, etc.  The solution easily washes out of clothes but is more likely to be absorbed by wool, nylon, silk, linen, and leather.
4. Remove makeup/creams.  This salon provides astringent and cotton pads for your use.
After your tan:
1. Do not apply moisturizers or makeup until after you have had your after tan shower.  Make sure you do not use lotions containing alpha hydroxyl acids or alcohol as they are used to increase exfoliation, which will shorten the life of your tan.
2. Do not wear tight-fitting garments for at least 4-5 hours.
3. Do not exercise immediately following your tanning visit.  Excessive perspiration soon after application soon after application will inhibit absorption and shorten the life of your tan.
4. Don’t take lengthy baths, soak in the pool, or use a sauna.  This will dry out your skin, accelerate the exfoliation process and cause your tan to fade more quickly.
5. After the 2 or 3 day, use the tan extending lotion to help prolong the life of your airbrush tan.  It has 2% of the DHA ingredient originally used in the solution.  You can extend the life of your tan by 3-4 days.
6. Wait at least 8 hours before showering after your tan.  Allow enough time for the reaction to take place.

 Maintaining Your Airbrush:

 1. Stay moisturized after every shower and in between.
A lack of moisture in the skin due to skin conditions or dry air (generally found in the winter months) can cause uneven shedding of the skin. To minimize this natural occurrence, moisturize the skin with the recommended moisturizer. Your favorite lotion may not be the remedy. Just because a lotion is free from mineral- or petroleum-oil based ingredients, doesn’t mean that it’s the right moisturizing system to maintain a sunless tan. Estetica carries a moisturizer that’s purpose is to be used with sunless tans.

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